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Expert Foundation Repair Baltimore

Are you finally ready to repair that cracked foundation on your Baltimore City row house?  Tired of your basement leaking from that crack in the cement?  Call us today to get a free estimate for foundation repair services in Baltimore!

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    Protecting your investment, and retaining the value of your Baltimore City row home or other real property should be one of your first priorities when it comes to home inspections and renovations. The first place to start when inspecting, repairing, or renovating any home should be with a free foundation inspection.  A professional foundation contractor will know what to look for when checking the structural integrity of your house or commercial property. Top foundation repair companies in Baltimore know to check for signs of a damaged foundation, such as cracks in basement floor or walls, cracks or damage to the sidewalk outside your home, or even cracks in the driveway or street near your house.  These can all be signs of serious structural damage, or a cracking foundation.


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    Row Home Foundation Repairs In Maryland


    Common Foundation Problems And Structural Integrity Issues In Baltimore City Row Houses

    Damage to the foundation of your home, business, or other structure can present a serious problem when it comes time for safety inspections, or to sell your property.  Common causes of structural/foundation damage are leaks, nearby construction, or just settling over time.  As buildings age, sometimes the dirt or gravel underneath can be washed away by erosion, leaving weak points in your basement or garage floor.  When this happens, homeowners may notice cracking or damage to walls, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and sometimes even ceilings.

    What our clients say:

    Unbelievable prices for foundation repair!  These guys gave me a free estimate, but the total cost of the project came out to way less than what they quoted me over the phone.  Simply amazing Maryland contractors!


    Five stars for this team!  They came out and inspected both the interior and exterior of my home for any property damage that could present an issue to the investors looking to purchase my house.  I was horrified when they told me my foundation was damaged and would need to be repaired.  I thought it would be really expensive, but it turns out they just had to seal a crack in my basement. Thank goodness, and thank Row Home Rebuild!


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    We provide the following total home renovation services to the Baltimore City and surrounding areas:

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